Cosmetic Dentistry

When you come for a consultation at Smile Cosmetic, our team of Smile Designers (Oral Health Therapists and Hygienists) will assess and evaluate your teeth through a detailed questionnaire, oral examinations, digital photography, radiography and scans. Dr. Christina Howard (Aesthetic dentist) will then discuss with you on possible treatment plan and outcomes to make sure you leave our practice smiling with confidence. Creating beautiful smile is our mission and there are no boundaries when it comes to smile make-overs here at Smile Cosmetic. We are even open Saturdays for cosmetic appointments on the weekend. Call us today on 02 9555 8877 to make an appointment.

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Digital Smile Design Technology

Here at Smile Cosmetic we offer a revolutionary digital technology system, where we customise design your teeth to suit your facial profile. No one size fit all approach here! Traditionally, cosmetic dentistry involves the dentist communicating to the dental technician on how they want the crowns/veneers to look like, but the technician was only provided with impressions of the teeth to work on and lacked the full picture of the person nor the mouth! Much of the process was done without taking into consideration of the person’s overall facial profile, muscle movements and personal behaviours and limited sharing of information.

At Smile Cosmetic, we have adopted a much more integrated communication system using Digital Smile Design technology. All the information we collect from you including digital photography, radiography and digital scans are sent to our dental technicians along with measurements and clear instructions from Dr. Christina Howard. This ensures a seamless collaboration that will result in perfect designs for your smile.

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